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Our Approach

We provide care for a variety of neuromuscular conditions, including:  neck/back pain, leg pain (sciatica), arm pain,  whiplash (car accident injuries), numbness/tingling, headaches (migraine/tension), extremity conditions (shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle/feet, TMJ pain), and many other symptoms.

Our goal is to identify and correct abnormal spine, pelvic, and extremity joint misalignments which result in abnormal motion resulting in nerve and muscle dysfunction.  Simply put if the body is not aligned and moving properly it is only a matter of time before symptoms so up in the nerves and muscles of the body.   Our goal is to provide the most precise, accurate, and gentle corrective  adjustment possible.

After reviewing your health history, we conduct an examination.  If indicated  we will refer you for x-ray imaging.  If you have any recent imaging reports (MRIs or X-Rays) please bring this information to your initial visit.

Once we determine your condition could benefit from chiropractic care we will discuss specific recommendations for your case.

Recommendations may include:  chiropractic care, massage therapy, home stretching/mobilization techniques, exercise and walking programs.

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