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Your First Visit

When you first arrive at our Espanola Family Chiropractic, expect a warm and friendly welcome!

Espanola Chiropractor

You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. Help is on its way!

Your initial visit will take about an hour.  One of our team members will  guide you through the paperwork and check in process.  Our new patient visits are scheduled mid day during times where we can spend the needed time to properly determine if we can help.

We begin each new patient evaluation with a thorough consultation, examination, and when indicated spinal x-rays. In most cases care will begin on the your first visit,  but in some more complex cases a second visit will be scheduled to discuss your exam findings, x-rays, and further recommendations. We will at this time determine your future plan as a chiropractic patient.  If we do not feel chiropractic care is appropriate for your case we will be upfront and let you know immediately, so you can get into the hands of the best health care provider for you.



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